Ripening Calendar


Late July

A tart summer apple used mostly for sauce. Ready in mid to late July.


Mid to Late August

Crunchy and sweet/tart, Paulareds are great for fresh eating, sauce and desserts.


Late August

A great new apple with a zesty sweet/tart flavor. Wonderful for fresh eating and baking!


Late August

A crisp pale green apple with a mildly spicy flavor. Great for fresh eating and excellent for baking!


Early to Mid September

An old fashioned variety that is a favorite of many for sauce.

Graham Spy

Early to Mid September

An early, sweeter spy that makes wonderful pies, sauce and desserts using half the sugar that you usually use! Great for dried apple slices!


Early to Mid September

A sweet/tart apple that makes a great smooth applesauce. It has been a favorite for many years!

Talman Sweet

Early to Mid September

An apple variety that has been around for many years. It is very sweet and great for cooking.


Early to Mid September

A favorite for fresh eating! It's distinct orange and yellow color is only matched by it's sweet and crunchy taste!


Early to Mid September

Explosively CRISP! This one is so crisp and juicy once you try it, you'll soon be back for more! A large apple with a distinct sweet flavor all it's own.


Late September

An excellent baking apple with a unique tart flavor. Great for sauce and salads too!


Late September

Crunchy and tart! This one is a favorite for lunches and fresh eating, but also is great for baking. A cross between Red Delicious and McIntosh.


Late September

This cross between Jonathon and Golden Delicious is becoming a favorite for fresh eating and baking because of it's excellent flavor! A sweet/tart apple that will make your mouth water!


Late September

The sweet/tart flavor of the old fashioned Jonathon is hard to beat! It makes great baked apples and apple dumplings because it holds it's shape when baked.

Red Delicious

Early to Mid October

For many years this has been the number one apple in the U.S. for fresh eating and salads. Crunchy, with a mildly sweet flavor.

Golden Delicious

Early to Mid October

Another old favorite that can't be beat for fresh eating and baking, this bright yellow apple is as pretty as it is tasty!


Late September to Early October

Crunchy and sweet, this is a wonderful apple for fresh eating!


Early to Mid October

Excellent for pies, sauce and crisps, the mildly tart flavor adds "zip" to any recipe. Keeps very well.

Northern Spy

Mid to Late October

"Spys for pies" is an old saying that still holds true today! The premium baking apple that can't be imitated.


Mid to Late October

Big and yellow, this cross between Golden Delicious and Indo has a spicy flavor and keeps all winter!


Late October

Sweet, tart flavor with a crunch that never quits. White flesh that doesn't brown, great for salads!

Granny Smith

Late October

If you like your apples tart, you'll love this green apple from New Zealand. It stays crunchy and developes a "pineappley" flavor over time. Also makes great pies!

White-Gold Cherries

July 06th

These sweet cherries are yellow with a red blush. They are great for eating and baking. They taste and look great! Available for U-Pick and already picked. Usually ready the first part of July.

Black Sweet Cherry

July 03rd

Big dark sweet cherries are always a treat at Moelkers! Sweet cherries are usually ready the first week of July. Available for u-pick or already picked.

Tart Cherry

July 13th

Montmorency Tart Cherries are wonderful for baking and jam! They are ready about 1 week after sweet cherries. Available for u-pick or already picked.

Selah Sweet Cherry

July 09th

A Sweet Red Cherry that is large & very juicy. Available for U-pick or already picked.Usually ready in the first part of July.

Red Haven

August 08th

This has been the most popular peach for canning, freezing and fresh eating for many years. The flavor is sweet with a little "zip" that makes your mouth water! Free-stone most years, but can stick a little in some seasons.

Flaming Fury 17

August 17th

Ready shortly after the Glo Haven season begins. An excellent peach for canning and freezing, the Flaming Fury 17 has flavor similar to Red Haven and stays bright yellow when canned or frozen! Great for making jam & baking too! Always free-stone.

Glo Haven

August 10th

Follows Red Haven and is excellent for canning and fresh eating. Always free-stone, this peach has a milder flavor and has become a favorite!


August 26th

These pears are the Premium pear for canning and freezing! Picked slightly green, they will ripen at room temperature in three to five days. As the color changes from light green to pale yellow, the flesh softens and the juices inside become pleasantly sweet! A good indication that the pear is ripe is when it "gives" a little when you apply pressure around the blossom end. REMEMBER-- Pears ripen from the inside out, so don't let them get too soft! We usually harvest Bartlett Pears around the 3rd to 4th week of August and they are available until the end of September.


September 17th

These pears are a sweet winter pear. They are a russet type and are light brown in color. The Bosc pear has a wonderful sweet flavor that you will love! The flesh of the Bosc pear is firmer than the Bartlett, and Bosc pears will keep well--we often keep them into January! They taste great fresh or in salads or slices! We harvest our Bosc pears in mid to late September.

Stanley Plums

September 08th

Sweet and juicy plums that are great for eating and canning.

Shiro Plums

August 08th

Shiro Plums are a sweet yellow plum, great for fresh eating!

Santa Rosa

August 08th

These are a red plum that is very sweet, great for fresh eating!

Black Amber

August 14th

These are sweet black plum, great for fresh eating!