Plump, Juicy Homegrown Plums!

Plums grow in a variety of colors, and consistently offer a large number of healthy features including an abundance of antioxidants, such as lutein, cryptoxantin and zea-xanthin, and plenty of minerals, like potassium, fluoride and iron. 

Simply put, that means that sweet juicy plums not only taste great, they are good for your body.

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6th of September

Sweet and juicy plums that are great for eating and canning.


3rd of August to 30th of November

Shiro Plums are a sweet yellow plum, great for fresh eating!

Santa Rosa

8th of August

These are a red plum that is very sweet, great for fresh eating!

Black Amber

9th of August

These are sweet black plum, great for fresh eating!