Peaches Straight From the Orchard

Locally grown, Michigan peaches have a very special sweetness and flavor, and at Moelker Orchards and Farm Market, we grow your three favorite varieties.   In the early summer, we very intentionally thin the harvest and branches to assure that we grow large fruit that gets just the right amount of sunshine.  All of our peaches are hand-picked so they will be at the peak of their ripeness and flavor when you take them home. 

The varieties we sell for canning and freezing are “freestone”—the pit can be removed easily. Make no mistake, the sweet juicy flavor of Michigan home-grown peaches has no equal!

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Red Haven

2nd of August

This has been the most popular peach for canning, freezing and fresh eating for many years. The flavor is sweet with a little "zip" that makes your mouth water! Free-stone most years, but can stick a little in some seasons.

Flaming Fury 17

11th of August

Ready shortly after the Glo Haven season begins. An excellent peach for canning and freezing, the Flaming Fury 17 has flavor similar to Red Haven and stays bright yellow when canned or frozen! Great for making jam & baking too! Always free-stone.

Glo Haven

7th of August

Follows Red Haven and is excellent for canning and fresh eating. Always free-stone, this peach has a milder flavor and has become a favorite!


10th of August

Great Free Stone peach, that has a very similiar taste to Red Havens. Great for canning, freezing and eating!