The Best Michigan Cherries Are At Moelker Orchards

Cherries are a special treat, and especially in Grand Rapids, where you can pick your own cherries at Moelker Orchards, or you can buy them at our farm market, fresh and ready to eat.

Cherries Are Good For Your Health

You know how delicious cherries can be, but did you also know that the cherry has anti-inflammatory properties, inhibiting enzymes that cause joint pain? Cherries also contain two antioxidant compounds, kaempferol and quercetin, that are believed to improve memory vision and concentration. Generally antioxidants are recognized as good agents because they help prevent cancer and the development of cardiovascular disease. 

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Black Sweet

1st of July

Big dark sweet cherries are always a treat at Moelkers! Sweet cherries are usually ready the first week of July. Available for u-pick or already picked.


4th of July

These sweet cherries are yellow with a red blush. They are great for eating and baking. They taste and look great! Available for U-Pick and already picked. Usually ready the first part of July.


5th of July

Montmorency Tart Cherries are wonderful for baking and jam! They are ready about 1 week after sweet cherries. Available for u-pick or already picked.

Selah Sweet

6th of July

A Sweet Red Cherry that is large & very juicy. Available for U-pick or already picked.Usually ready in the first part of July.