2014 Harvest Calendar

Remember these dates are only estimates!

(Please call us near the dates listed so we can confirm when each variety will be available.)


White-Gold Cherries --  July 07th
Black Sweet Cherry --  July 07th
Tart Cherry --  July 11th
Selah Sweet Cherry --  July 12th


Red Haven --  August 11th
Flaming Fury 17 --  August 18th
Glo Haven --  August 18th
Red Skin --  August 25th


Bartlett --  August 30th
Bosc --  September 17th


Stanley Plums --  September 05th



Lodi (Transparent) --  Mid to Late July


Paulared --  Mid to Late August
Zestar! --  Mid to Late August
Gingergold --  Mid to Late August
Early Blaze --  Mid to Late August


Wealthy --  Early to Mid September
Graham Spy --  Early to Mid September
McIntosh --  Early to Mid September
Talman Sweet --  Early to Mid September
Gala --  Early to Mid September
Honeycrisp --  Early to Mid September
Cortland --  Late September
Empire --  Late to Late September
Jonagold --  Late September
Jonathon --  Late to Late September


Red Delicious --  Early October
Golden Delicious --  Early to Mid October
Fuji --  Early to Mid October
IdaRed --  Early to Mid October
Northern Spy --  Mid to Late October
Rome --  Mid to Late October
Mutsu --  Mid to Late October
Cameo --  Late October
Granny Smith --  Late October