Cherries are so fun to pick, so delicious to eat! We offer u-pick cherries in July each year. Bring the family and enjoy this treat.

If the cherry icon is in color, then that variety is available now!

White-Gold Cherries -- July 06th

These sweet cherries are yellow with a red blush. They are great for eating and baking. They taste and look great! Available for U-Pick and already picked. Usually ready the first part of July.

Black Sweet Cherry -- July 03rd

Big dark sweet cherries are always a treat at Moelkers! Sweet cherries are usually ready the first week of July. Available for u-pick or already picked.

Tart Cherry -- July 13th

Montmorency Tart Cherries are wonderful for baking and jam! They are ready about 1 week after sweet cherries. Available for u-pick or already picked.

Selah Sweet Cherry -- July 09th

A Sweet Red Cherry that is large & very juicy. Available for U-pick or already picked.Usually ready in the first part of July.