These are some of our favorite recipes made with fresh Moelker Orchards fruits! Please feel free to try these delicious treats and tricks with all of our farm fresh produce!

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Peach Sorbet

Made with Farm Fresh Moelker Peaches!

Completion Time:
Approx. 2 hrs

4-5 peeled and sliced peaches, frozen
¼ C milk or water

1. Peel and slice peaches
2. Spread on a wax paper covered cookie sheet
3. Sprinkle with a little sugar and put in the freezer
4. Freeze for at least 2 hours
5. Puree the frozen peaches in the food processor
6. Scrape down the edges and process again
7. Add the ¼ C of milk or water. If it does not become smooth add a bit more liquid
8. Serve right away or store in the freezer