These are some of our favorite recipes made with fresh Moelker Orchards fruits! Please feel free to try these delicious treats and tricks with all of our farm fresh produce!

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Canned/Frozen Peaches

Made with Farm Fresh Moelker Peaches!

Completion Time:
Aprox. 60-120 Minutes

Canned Peaches

  1. Peel and take pit out of peaches. Make sure peaches are ripe otherwise the pit does not remove easily.
  2. Put peaches in quart or pint jars.
  3. Add syrup made with 1 cup sugar and 3 cups water.
  4. Fill jar ½ inch below top.
  5. Process peaches for 10 minutes. I bring water to a boil, then add jars, bring to boil again and let boil for 5 minutes.
  6. Turn off heat and then let jars stand in water for another 5 minutes.
  7. Remove jars from water and tighten down ring to make sure it seals. Let cool.

To peel & pit peaches:

  1. Slice around the peach on its seam.
  2. Twist peach halves in the opposite direction, pop pit out of the peach.
  3. Then peel off skin.

Frozen Peaches

1 peck peeled & sliced peaches

1 - 6 oz can orange juice concentrate (do not dilute)

1/4 cup sugar or to taste

  1. Combine Orange Juice and Sugar.
  2. Add peaches to juice in a plastic bowl. Let set 1 ½ - 2 hours, stir occasionally.
  3. Put in containers and freeze